No, I will not run. How Rabbit Well made the start of the Great Pardubice

“He got back, stood up and just watched the others run,” said his owner Zdeněk Jandejsek, head of Rabbit Trhový Štěpánov. “The horse is a herd of beast, and when the whole group runs, it should run with them.”

He did not do it for the first time.

On the contrary. For the seventh.

“I do not feel like doing it,” says his jockey Josef Váňa younger. “This time I was pretty sure it would run like the last five starts.”

But Rabbit Well is a troubled horse. Once in training, he could even bend into a corn or wheat field. Váňa mladší asserts that his body has gathered great strength and tremendous stubbornness.

If he starts, he can run brilliantly and jumps with confidence. Last year he won seven lengths of 3.qualifying for the Grand. This year, the second and third took place in qualifying. He earned 15 victories for a career of 51 starts and earned 2.2 million crowns for the owner.

Nevertheless, the key question is always: Is he staying at the start? Will it stay?

For the first time he refused to run at four years in Pardubice. Later in Pisa, in Merano, France. He was halfway across Europe and stubbornly stood on the track. “” I’m going for it all year, it seems to be okay and then it’s over, “his coach Josef Váňa was annoyed on his Sunday and, in a hurry of disappointment, retirement.

Owner Jandejsek was less resolute: “I’d rather let Mr. Vana calm down before we talk about it. Then it depends on him.If he tells me that Rabbit stays in the stables, I’ll give him another place, or I’ll just pull him out of the big one in the future. ”

Rabbit trainers, formerly bet live František Zobal and Váňa since 2013, it is possible and impossible for horses to change. They put his hood on his head and earplugs in order not to distract him from the start of the surrounding influences. The riders figured out how to seize it to forget its usual stopping turn.

The Veterinarian was looking for the cause of Rabbit’s disgusting race in possible joint pains, and then he was buying painkillers for him.

Last year, Jandejsek brought the sensibila two days before the Great. He said the horse had bad kidneys to go to the solarium. He went on. Moreover, Vana led him under his energy pyramid.Last year he started out. Not this year.

Jandejsek believes that the cause of occasional short-circuits can be an event that Rabbit in his original Czech stable even experienced as a two-year-old. “He then won a flat race against expensive imported horses in tens of thousands of euros, but he got a big sports betting bonus paycheck from the rider,” he says. “I think his current shock behavior is derived from this experience.”

After the racing, Rabbit Well long did not want to work with people at all. Gradually he took them to grace, but without any guarantee. “If he ran anywhere, the coach and all his jockeys knew he had to treat him with care. Nobody has shaken his whip, “says Jandejsek,

The rider has earned a decent treat for honesty.Before this year, Velka Váňa ran it ahead of her other two horses, who finally finished second and third.

Unfortunately on Sunday, Rabbit said: No, you are not moving with me today. “Maybe he is too smart and he realizes what can happen in the race,” Jandejsek says. “We have to take it with humility, it’s just a sport. But it would be a pity if we had not tried it yet. ”

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