Budějovice against the Polish giant. The Volleyball Champions League starts

From the point of view of club budgets, David and Goliath will stand against each other. The Polish champion manages about five million Betclic euros annually (worth 135 million crowns). South Korea’s budget is one-tenth this season, while it is one of the highest in the Czech Extraly.

“Poland is very much supported by volleyball. I do not know about Belchatow’s specific budget, but when eight thousand people come to their games, they can afford a budget as big as the teams in the prestigious A1 A1 league, “says Jan Diviš, president of the Betclic club in České Budějovice, today.

The Polish team consists of three gold medalists from the last World Cup. This is the universality and star of the Mariusz Wlazly team, the blocker Karol Klose and his colleague on the same post of Andrzej Wron.The first two included the basic set of their representation, they got to the all-star team of the championship, and Wlazla became the most Betclic useful player in the tournament.

“They can also afford the top Italian players. But, apart from quality twelve, there are no good substitutes, “adds President Diviš.

Czech clubs can not compare to major European teams in Betclic terms of finance. Jihostroj still wants to show up on the international scene.

“We do not have any noble targets. We believe that our cadre has its quality and when we bring it to the future, we believe that in two to three years we are able to compete with teams such as Innsbruck or Antwerp.At that time, our boys mature and can fight for the third or even second place. Of course, today we know Belchatow is somewhere Betclic else than we are, “says Diviš.

Volleyball is the number one sport for volleyball fans there. That should prove today’s first duel in the Champions League.

“We are aware that Belchatow fans are busy with us. So we can expect roughly forty Poles, and therefore a very turbulent atmosphere, “said Jiřstroy manager Stanislav Pochop.

The Budějovický whole is troubled by two inconveniences. Skimmer Petr Michalek and Tomáš Fila will not be injured in the game due to injury.As a result, coach Jan Svoboda will have to rely only on Jan Kulih and Petr Šulista. “Under normal circumstances, I would not have Betclic been able to play such a match for two scammers, but nothing else is left to us,” comments Svoboda with an unpleasant smile. “I look forward to the duel because we will not see such players here this year. I would like our opponents to play to the maximum, “Jihostroj coach wants.

One of the highlights of this year’s volleyball season for Budweiser fans should enhance the enhanced sound in the sports hall. In addition, the Betclic audience club prepared a competition.

The match with Belchatów broadcasts live CT Sport.

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