Australian Unibet betting

Australian Unibet bettingAmong the betting sites in Italy, one of the most famous and certainly most used is that of Unibet, a company that is dedicated to betting games and services that manages football betting and not only: Superenalotto, Win for Life, Eurojackpot, Bingo, Slots and Online Poker are just some of the products offered by Unibet.

Anyone wishing to place bets in Italy or play online on the Unibet website can take advantage of an interesting site offer: the Unibet registration to his loyalty program, which provides that points can be accumulated to win different types of prizes.

Bonus 120, – EUR – Unibet register now!

Getting the welcome Unibet Bonus is very simple: just open an online account on Sisal Matchpoint by December 31, 2017, top up a minimum of € 10 and start betting on both pre-match and Live. Make sure you have selected the “bonus bets and virtual race up to € 120” at the time of registration to take advantage of this promotion, and remember to enter our promotional code Sisal in the space provided.

These prizes are not valid only for online gaming, but they also consist of vouchers from Media World and luxury items (tailored suits, diamonds, scooters, motorcycles, etc.). Of course, the amount of points required to win these prizes is very high, so it’s better to be careful not to play with only these luxury items in mind, because in the end you could pay a lot more trying to get discount vouchers and objects described rather than buying them directly in the store!

If you are interested in the loyalty program, then take your financial resources into consideration: there are more reasonable prizes that require fewer points and you could win if you play online, such as Unibet Bonus Cash Poker, which require 3500 points in on to get bonuses of € 5, € 10, € 20 and so on, reaching even more significant figures (the highest bonus is that from € 500).

The points to be accumulated on this betting site are divided into two categories: Unibet Points and Status Point Bets (the latter are monthly and yearly). Both can be accumulated by making bets online, both from the computer and from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and serve for two different reasons. The first ones are used to win the first ones we talked about in the previous paragraph, ie bonuses, discount coupons and luxury items, while the Status Point Bets serve to determine at what level you are within the Unibet loyalty program. These levels are called the “Vip Betting Levels” monthly and yearly.

As for Unibet soccer bets, or more generally sports bets, points are calculated in this way: 1 Betting is assigned to the monthly Status Point for every euro played during that month (we are talking about solar months) and is multiplied by a certain amount coefficient; 1 Status Point bets are awarded for every euro played in the previous 365 days, and multiplied also in this case by a certain coefficient.

As regards Unibet online bets, the accumulated points are calculated in a similar way, that is also in this case we obtain 1 Monthly Status Point Bets for every euro used for a virtual bet in that calendar month and we obtain 1 Annual Status Point Betting for every euro used to make a virtual bet in the previous 365 days.

The difference compared to the points accumulated with soccer bets is that, in this second case, a multiplication coefficient is not used. For more information on these play coefficients, you can visit this page of the official Unibet website.

The multiplication coefficients used depend on your VIP Betting Level: the higher this is, the higher the playing coefficient will be. To increase your Vip Annual Betting Level, the balance of your Annual VIP Bets Counter must fall within the corresponding range of the level you want to reach. The balance of the counter depends on your bets in the previous 365 days.

When you reach a certain VIP Annual Betting Level, it will remain in effect for the current month and for another three calendar months, unless you, in the meantime, get an even higher level!